• Pyramid scheme, binary system, Ponzi scheme, what the hell is it, actually?
  • How come they could return percentage of your money in short period? Whereas, there's no mother company to support the financial.
  • Is the scheme approved by legal authorities?
  • What happened if people stop investing? Could the new investors keep getting their percentage?
  • No products, no parent company but giving the investors assurance. What is that?
  • How long can the company withstand?
  • Is it a trend when a country having a financial crisis?
  • How many people will still investing to these companies?
  • Isn't there any better ways in earning money? Specifically, in legal ways.
  • Is it real or are we being used by those people?
Im so desirable to know. You think you are good enough? Forget it. Im on my own way to live.

P/S - THE INDICES by Tun Mahathir/Chedet

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